Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.33 VVT-i Review

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.33 VVT-i Review

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.33 VVT-i Review

The performance

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.33 VVT-i Review. The essence of three cylinder 1.0 litre model entry-level, slow, even when you work hard. It is not expensive to upgrade to a version of our favorite, 1.33 four cylinders, which are a turn more flexible and decent speed when you Rev. hybrid model, which has a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor, facelift if still not fast, then the 1.4-litre diesel delivers decent performance

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.33 VVT-i Review

Ride & handling

Yaris is not sweeter horseback vehicles; He feels ill at ease on the surface of the shabby and speed and the strong Jolt sends through the cabin. The models of sport large wheels makes things much less uncomfortable. Working with the speed of the bump, however and the small dimensions of the car, light steering and maneuverability helps make it easy to maneuver in the city. Compete with handles much better than the Yaris and Director of wave

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.33 VVT-i Review


All machines in their raucous when you hard rev and small petrol and diesel engines are noisy even when you haven't. You feel the vibrations through the seat and pedals in these two versions, too. 1.33 litre petrol engine is much smoother and even if hybrids drones when you accelerate hard, switch between gasoline and electric smooth at low speeds. The terms and conditions contained pretty well, but there are a lot of tollroad speed wind noise.

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.33 VVT-i Review

Buy Owning

Yaris costs the same amount for most of the competitors, and resale values average for the class. All models are relatively good for fuel economy and CO2 emissions, so that they will not cost too much to run. The star is a hybrid; It has low taxes and charges is one of the cheapest hybrid on sale, but expensive for a small car.

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.33 VVT-i Review

Quality & reliability

Toyota reliability record is the envy of the automotive industry, so you have any concern that your car won't ever let you down. Despite this, there is always a guarantee of lima tahun / 100.000 - generous to retreat to mil. The Interior of the Yaris has been appointed by a plastic strip soft touch in the middle of the dashboard, but there are a few less drops hard plastic, and although most of the switchgear strongly believe fine trim pieces.
Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.33 VVT-i Review

Safety security 

Each version has an impressive amount of standard safety kit. It has no fewer than seven airbags to help you avoid injuries in the smash and anti-skid and sophisticated braking system to help you avoid accidents in the first place. The Yaris received the rating in crash test Euro NCAP him maximum five stars. The stalemate and the engine immobilizer are onsite to deter thieves

Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.33 VVT-i Review

Behind the wheel

All models have a driver's seat adjustable in height, as well as a rake and reach adjustable steering wheel; higher driver can expect to better reach adjustment, however. Icon version and especially equipped with a touchscreen Infotainment system that reduces the amount of buttons on the dashboard. It is fairly easy to use, with simple and clear icons (if there's a little smaller), but a bit slow to respond and can be difficult to read in direct sunlight.

Space & practicality

Yaris serves well enough for the passengers, there is plenty of room in the front, and although the rear setback sits a little tight, there is the amount of legroom. 286 litres boot is on the track where the small car is concerned, but the hybrids lose a little of that with gubbins gasoline-electric. All versions are equipped with a folding rear bench seat to increase capacity.


The entry-level car is rarely active, then go a trim icon, if you can. This brings a system touch control, reversing camera, air conditioning, Bluetooth and alloy wheels. Sport adds more large wheels, daytime running lights LED, rear spoiler and DAB radio. Expensive version of Excel, but has climate control, seat of the windscreen wipers and lights automatic and part-leather. The hybrid model comes and trims and icons Excel kitted out a little better than their conventional fueled counterparts.

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