Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 2.5L Reviews

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 2.5L Reviews

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 2.5L Reviews

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 2.5L Reviews. Ah, hybrid. Here is what I think is the fascination with hybrids today: we want to keep the money in our pockets, no trees on the planet. It is not a bad thing, but not something that each of us would have admitted, is secure.

Thus, in the spirit of savings at the pump so we can buy more accessories, Starbucks and the iPhone: enter the hybrid Toyota Camry by 2015. With the appearance of the outside and a lot of comfort in the Camry hybrid, is the perfect combination of efficiency and practical car.

What is a hybrid of Toyota Camry?

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 2.5L Reviews

A version of the more efficient fuel petrol Camry hybrid is a Hybrid Synergy Drive, which means better fuel consumption. First North America mid-2000s, the characteristics of hybrid Camry hybrid system of Toyota, the famous address already popularized by the Prius.

Camry hybrid offers all the Camry standard non-value added less trips to the pump and the 'green' at the wheel when you are in the mode of the EV.

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 2.5L Reviews

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 2.5L Reviews

Prices and Specifications

At the top of package seats Camry XLE hybrid, which means that it is also more expensive. With a starting in the mid 30 k range price $, it is very well equipped with all the creature comforts that you expect to find in a car at this price.

Adjustable driver's seat (with lumbar support!) 8 positions for the camera back, heated front seats and a number of other bits of high-tech that you connected and moving, a hybrid Camry XLE is worth the price in my opinion. As with all amenities, you get reliable hybrid powertrain is known to give you the results you want everything like a factory: low fuel economy numbers and ease of driving.

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 2.5L Reviews

Talk about the engine, the hybrid Toyota Camry XLE 2015 equipped with engine 4-cylinder 2.5 L Hybrid Synergy Drive that produces 200 horsepower (net). Permanently, continuously variable transmission power control are sent to the front wheels. The Camry hybrid has an EV mode and ECO mode that is selected by the driver to ensure the optimal performance of the hybrid. EV mode puts the hybrid mode Camry battery is full, then the response from the engine changed fashion and molasses ECO hybrid super uber results of conduct.

The Wheel

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 2.5L Reviews

While I discussed it a little, let's see this hybrid of driving a little more closely. No, it is not interesting, but then it is not meant to be.

CVT is functional, so just a little annoying, but it works well with Hybrid Synergy Drive engine and I never feel as if it was a tiring or poor.

While I don't use the ECO mode button or EV is often, I appreciate the transition to full battery mode while I was sitting in traffic stop, and I know that it certainly helps reduce the end at the end of the week gas bill. I'm more road town leading to the Camry hybrid and as open road warrior was perfect.

I also appreciate the ideal distance from the gas of the battery switch. While plug-in Hybrid agreement I have a few weeks there are more shuddery (to the point where my son asked why the car shaking when switching from battery to gas), the Camry is smooth. Nary, I received a comment from the peanut gallery in the back seat on this subject. Success.

Inside and Out

I really like the new look of Toyota got will find them. It is a modern, aggressive had just the right amount of attitude - something Toyota advertising for some time. Of course, this is not a car that requires "aggressiveness" in the way; However, it is nice to see when you add some rather annoying personality vehicles.

My son speaks fluent suggests that the Camry is the same car as the corolla, only larger. And he was not wrong. Even in him already make sure to consider about 943 times why I was driving the same car, because it was Monday and always change my car Monday. To moms of 3 years in the world, Toyota, consider doing something different in the heap of centre the next time, perhaps?

Despite similarities, a hybrid Camry XLE is very comfortable in. For long distances or short trips, there is plenty of room in the front and rear seat very accommodating baby and adult passengers. The stem is also quite large, with the ideal height of the load (there is no need to land Sales jeans on the bumper when I reached in).


I can see the attraction of the Toyota Hybrid family. It is perfect as a hybrid, and it is very comfortable and easy to drive. In addition, there are extra security vehicle purchase

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