Toyota Auris Tourer Icon 2.0D Review

 Toyota Auris Tourer Icon 2.0D Review

 Toyota Auris Tourer Icon 2.0D Review

The performance 

Toyota Avensis Tourer Icon 2.0D Review. - The Auris range offers you a choice of two petrol engines and one diesel, gas-electric hybrid. The entry-level 1.33 petrol has 99bhp and fast and almost no 130bhp 1.6 petrol went not so well unless you are working very hard. The performance of the 89bhp 1.4 diesel is also fairly pedestrian. However, while the hybrid rewards a relaxed driving style, is already fast enough.

 Toyota Auris Tourer Icon 2.0D Review

Ride & handling

Auris does everything it should, but not as accomplished as the best car in this class. It is startling and the handling is quite good, but not exactly like a Ford Focus through corners and the Steering felt a bit apart. Similarly, while it is not terrible, not strangling a piece and Auris cars best small family

 Toyota Auris Tourer Icon 2.0D Review


This is the weakest area of Auris. Gasoline engines are noisy at highway speeds, and while the diesel is quiet cruising, it is rough around the city. This hybrid near silent as long as you take a gentle approach, but the reverse is true when you are in a hurry; by pressing the accelerator pedal and towers have climbed sharply and stays there until you are up to your desired speed. Sound of wind on the motorway, too and the rough surface of the blow too much road noise

 Toyota Auris Tourer Icon 2.0D Review


Although number of similar performance, 2.0 D - 4 d is much more economical than diesel 2.2-liter, plus costs less to ensure and sitting in a lower tax bracket. It is still not as effective as the best family car field, however, so it will cost you more run as company cars. The value of sales that is not special.

 Toyota Auris Tourer Icon 2.0D Review

Quality & reliability

We do not doubt that the Auris will be the test of time, but also have the assurance of a five year warranty. Toyota has an incredible reliability, too generally and has received the highest value of the Auris in front of it in the J.D. power survey. However, while the Interior feels durable, the materials are very boring and not interesting.

Toyota Avensis Tourer Icon 2.0D Review 

 Toyota Auris Tourer Icon 2.0D Review

Safety security 

Every Auris comes with a prompt and airbags and side airbags that protect the driver's knees. Stability control is also standard in the mountains to avoid losing control of the car. Auris Gets the maximum five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test, but some rival got higher grades in some areas. All versions have deadlocks and marked parts to guard against theft, but then again, some competitors are better on this point.

 Toyota Auris Tourer Icon 2.0D Review

Behind the wheel

Dashboard Auris puts all the important controls are easily accessible and generally easy to use. The only exception is the touch screen Infotainment system, which is not all that intuitive. There are several seats and steering wheel adjustment, but you probably want your seat to go lower. Rear visibility is not great, either, because the rear window is very superficial.

Space & practicality

Auris not as spacious as the biggest rival, but there are plenty of head - and legroom in the world and the records of the rear reclining seats to allow a relaxed seat. Also, Auris copes with three rear passengers better than most of its competitors, thanks to a completely flat floor. Start the size and shape, and the custom which allows you to divide the room in half and flatten the steps with the seat folded


In order of soft, trim levels are active, sports icons, and Excel, with the most basic unique to gasoline, diesel 1.3 and 1.4. Active models miss out on a few desirable features, but get air conditioning, electric Windows, remote locking before and a CD player; Icon of trim adds rims and DAB radio, while various models fillings Excel have automatic light and wiper and dashboard skin

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