Toyota Announces 86 Blackline Edition

Toyota Announces 86 Blackline Edition

Toyota Announces 86 Blackline Edition

Toyota Announces 86 Blackline Edition. Fan display driver was given a treat this week with the launch of the black pop-up Edition 86 Toyota.

86 black arrived as the offers of the limited edition, with limited availability to 250 in the form of manuals and 200 with automatic transmission lever.

Based on the value of the shelf of the top GTS, black trim is priced at $ 37,990 to $ 40,490 to manual and automatic, marking a premium of $2,000 compared with their conventional counterparts.

Toyota has published a special edition of the best-selling sports cars, a black Edition 86 - just six months before the 86 Toyota Racing Series.

This limited edition 86 takes its name from bands double black on the roof and bonnet, contrasting with the colour of the exterior of the coaches 'white liquid'.

True to its name, the Black Edition 86 Toyota body kit has a smooth, shiny surface black 17-inch alloy wheels, black more details on the exterior and distinctive red highlights to complement the Black Interior.

Toyota Announces 86 Blackline Edition

Toyota Announces 86 Blackline Edition

86 Black edition limited to only 450 units of 200-250 wind manual and automatic production.

Toyota was based on high-spec Black Edition 86 GTS variant, which is already equipped with features like navigation by satellite, air conditioning bi-zone, Keyless Start, HID and LED DRL lamps.

The Black Edition still stands with a splash of red on the seat, steering wheel, knob gear, hand brake lever and the door handles.

Each Toyota 86 come standard with a suite of seven airbags and radar of retreat, as well as stability and traction control.

Toyota Announces 86 Blackline Edition

Toyota 86 black version also coincided with the announcement that Toyota 86 Racing Series is to hit the field from local horse racing may 2016.

V8 Supercars race for supporters, a series of five towers will offer initial grid up to 32 cars to some events, including the Sandown and Bathurst in September in October.

Formats of Pro - AM will include also five guests, professional drivers who will guide the amateur drivers competing for a prize pool at least $125,000.

Toyota has 86 black price $37,990 more on the way to a six-speed manual and $40,490 over on the way to a six-speed automatic.

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