Toyota 86 Racing Series to offer $125k prize

Toyota 86 Racing Series to offer $125k prize

Toyota 86 Racing Series to offer $125k prize

Toyota 86 Racing Series to offer $125k prize. If competing in the official Championship based on the popular Toyota 86 not quite interesting, constructor automobile today announced that it will offer the prize pool from $125,000 for Australia 86 Toyota Racing Series when he started in 2016.

Automakers have confirmed the cash prize of $50,000 for the winner of the series, combined with a $20000 VIP international experience - details were not yet disclosed.

Second place in the one-make series 2016 to Pocket $30000 and third place will be $15000.

The organizers will also nominate the "rising star" series drivers who finish outside the three, win flights, accommodation and entrance to the race of the Toyota Finance 86 New Zealand Championship.

Toyota 86 Racing Series to offer $125k prize

As the amateur Championships, competing in Australia 86 Toyota Racing Series will be certainly a victory not only as a means to advance their career aspirations, but also to offset the cost of registration is already relatively affordable.

Regist fee is only $1500 per tour is by far the amount the lowest for any mainstream national series, which reflects our commitment to the Toyota 86 racing series is affordable for those who have a passion and talent to compete, said Toyota Australia marketing director Tony Cramb today."

"If there are other Skaife or Longhurst, we will find them!

Originally announced as 86 series Pro - AM's (professional and amateur) in February, recently appointed Toyota 86 racing series was developed by Toyota, with its long-time partner Neal Bates Motorsport and Neil Crompton Autosport airtime.

Toyota 86 Racing Series to offer $125k prize

The series will be in V8 Supercars event 2016 campaign, began in May. Other rounds will follow in the month of August (Sydney Motorsport Park), September (London), October (Bathurst) and November (Sydney Olympic Park).

Toyota 86 Racing Series to offer $125k prize

A maximum of 32 cars is competing in each event, almost all amateur suffered under the guidance of professional drivers.

5 cars on the grid will be piloted by a professional or other invited by Toyota, although five are not eligible for a series of points or rewards.

Stages of the race will be composed of a majority of the race 20 minutes, including one on Saturday and two on Sunday. Both practice and qualifying sessions will determine the composition of the starting grid.

Will you be throwing your hat in the ring for 86 Toyota Racing Series? Let us know in the comments below (and keep us updated on your progress).

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