2016 Toyota HiLux 2.8L Diesel Review

2016 Toyota HiLux 2.8L Diesel Review

2016 Toyota HiLux 2.8L Diesel Review

2016 Toyota HiLux 2.8L Diesel Review. Toyota HiLux has long had the reputation of being one of the heaviest Ute on the market, and with that, the eighth generation of models, brands said that it took resolved HiLux even more unbreakable.

Toyota has spent six years and includes more than 650 000 kilometres around the Australia in the development of all new HiLux and claim the company has borrowed replaces model bestseller.

2016 Toyota HiLux 2.8L Diesel Review

Let's get one thing out of the way: Toyota development team may rely on their victory and do as little as possible to get the updated models on the line - but they do not.

Construction began in 2009, and the company was to halfway through the process when newcomers such as Amarok from Volkswagen and Ford Ranger Mazda BT-50: torn society his plan and return to the drawing board. It's 2011 and Toyota now take into account has done everything necessary to ensure strong sales for the coming year.

2016 Toyota HiLux 2.8L Diesel Review

How has it changed? In short, much.

Below, it is the all-new reinforced frame and Platform for the rigidity of the structure is better, and it is just the means of the frame that the reference 3.5 tons of capabilities that rival of towing was presented before now achieved by a variant of the range HiLux (Manual 2.8 liter diesel engine; auto 2.8 L diesel cylinder capacity of 3.2 tons).

There is a new configuration of suspension - revised springs and leaves of the new mountpoint that is designed for better comfort and respect - and the local song develops new 'rough' suspension was such a success that it would be held to demand markets, such as the Russia, South Africa and the Middle East.

2016 Toyota HiLux 2.8L Diesel Review

There is a new engine and wheel the more important which is mounted to the model, we spent most of our time in at the launch of the new HiLux the Australia this week, the fifth generation + double cab diesel, $57,990, plus the cost of the proposal in the way that has plenty of standard kit includes the adjustment of the electric driver's seat and leather trim.

2.8 liter four cylinder unit turbo diesel which recently has a low capacity of previous models (3.0 L) and a less than some rival bottles (BT-50 and Ranger has an engine five cylinders 3.2 L).

It also generates a little power and torque of a few major competitors with the new developed version automatic pump six-speed 130 kW and 450Nm (manual still has minus-130 kW and 420Nm).

While the new 2.8 litres in the hits of the main attraction a little later and did not hard as long it was in version 3.0 L (2.8 l: 1600 - 2400 RPM; 3.0 l: 1400 - 3200 RPM), it has more torque and therefore never felt overwhelmed.

2016 Toyota HiLux 2.8L Diesel Review

In fact, this machine is exceptional. It is so strong is more refined in nature that the HiLux previous engines almost make you believe that it could be built by different manufacturers. This is a much more subtle in drew and surprisingly calm that rough old machine in the HiLux.

In fact, noise, vibrations and escalation of violence a great cabin HiLux. There is almost no noise interference the path at all and there are a couple of frustrating what used to fill cockpit. Our only real complaint is a bit of noise from the wind at high speed.

2016 Toyota HiLux 2.8L Diesel Review

Six-speed automatic shifts the gears running smoothly and efficiently in the street, ingenious and own drops in speed when you brake, throttle blipping and even in some situations.

We also test the model of 1.7 litres with manuals caravans off-road 2700 kilograms behind him and the delivery of the power and repair once more shines through.

Since the beginning (function test anti-rollback HiLux that can keep the vehicle stationary for a few seconds) for other rights of high speed with crosswind and distinctive sweeping road bending, HiLux manual never felt depths, even with a load to lug around. Mounted neatly integrated brake boosters switches vacuum on the dashboard.

2016 Toyota HiLux 2.8L Diesel Review

Something new and the old Bucker wobbler HiLux, it is much better controlled suspension tranquility and compliance. It's much better than before, even if you still feel some lumps in the cabin (even with ballast integrated), and off-Highway can be more money than the larger hole.

The steering wheel is better, also. Toyota has not yet moved to a system of electric-hydraulic rack & pinion he returned mounted - but new units are much more focused on offering ease of use.

Old HiLux steering wheel is heavy and a little pain to use around the city, but the new system of lighting in 4 × 4 m

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