2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

 2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review. We just found a Toyota Corolla that breaks the chains everywhere.

Says Corolla - the best selling car in Australia this year, as it was in 2014 - it is common to say Jennifer Lawrence is as beautiful, or that the sky is blue. It is a truism. But it is not every day you see a green with a manual gearbox, right?

In case you missed it, Toyota rather quietly launched a range of 2,016 Corolla hatch last month, introducing various improvements under, in and - for the eye - outside. You may have seen our review of 2016 Corolla ZR ship a few weeks ago. Here Take Two.

You may wonder why this examination began by discussing the color and celebrity. Well, what do you say Corolla that has not been said? Not only transport honest, reliable and affordable to please many people, but inspire some?

No, actually. Toyota has been somewhat quietly threw the car is generally pretty well-rounded little on the market - no, we suspect that even really need. And it is all the more meritorious.

2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

As you may have read, Toyota adopts a two-pronged approach with a range of MY16 Corolla, with a style "sports" version revised to take from the US market grafts and up-spec Auris take a leaf Book of Europe.

The car your's looking at is a 2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport, finished in lemon yellow. It is a step above the base, a rise of favored fleet (now $ 19,790 plus costs of the road) in the range of the target as a buyer and that the place of a personal benefit. It costs $ 20 790, plus costs on the road, which is $ 300 more than before.

Sport climbing is not only intended for buyers spend their own money, it is for young customers (either the year or in the liver) - perhaps like you. More tweaks calling former variants including a front bumper re-jigged, lower grille that is larger, more importantly Toyota logo and new headlamps. There is also a new fin antenna shark.

2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

To be honest, it is very nice looking small car, with the nose pinched and aggressive profile. That dubious color, if the operator servo-friendly we spoke with suggested a nose and a new color scheme with similarities to the Renault Megane.

For an extra $ 1,000 during a special Ascent fleet, you get a number of commendable additional kit, including a touch screen of 7.0 inches set new page with voice recognition and enforcement based Toyota on the link connectivity system we have in a moment.

You also get alloy wheels 16 inches, fog lights at the front, direction 'premium' - sorry, fake stitches do not really premium, Toyota - and privacy glass. There are standard fare, including USB / AUX input, Bluetooth phone and streaming audio, rear view camera and cruise control.

2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

If you want a satellite navigation system, you have to spend 23 $ 490 Corolla SX variant, which also adds SUNA live traffic updates, sports body kit, alloy wheels 17-inch color display board to the driver, sport seats and paddle shifters for the CVT is optional. This may well be the sweet spot, however Ascent Sport is well equipped for what you pay.

the cabin pretty well rounded sport climbing, peaking in the new plastic waterproof touchscreen piano flanked by black and blue backlit with cool. This is far superior and less aftermarket in performance than ever - a touch sensitivity is quite good - although we still prefer the Mazda 3 is the MZD connection system controller with intuitive rotary dial.

2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

Toyota based application system link allows you to receive real time advice on where to find fuel and  easy to follow directions and weather updates. You can also search for accommodation, restaurants and businesses in your area. It should be noted that this week, Volkswagen made a new screen of 6.5 inches with USB-interface for App Connect carplay Apple, Android Auto and MirrorLink standard on all variants, even the base car.

Ergonomics pretty spot-on, with many seats and steering wheel adjustments at ease. Everything at hand, and the majority of the steering wheel buttons and viable means of voice control system, you can keep your hands where they are most often.

2016 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

Toyota usually wise the number of cabin storage is offered, with two good cup holders, center console big enough decent door pockets, available for both front and rear.

Black chairs upholstered in front of an acceptable means, but you'll want to go up and have a decent stretch after a few hours behind the wheel. To reverse mount for cameras in all variants laudable, even if you still have a huge blind spot to deal with after the fat C-pillar (a little metal between the rear side windows and tailgate are).

The rear seats are middle-of-the-road in the class room for the legs and head, which means that there's room for two adults or three children (there are two ISOFIX anchor) is relatively comfortable . Back row 60/40 split-folds to free up additional storage space, which is a good thing that 280 liters of available cargo space with the rear seats in use is lower than normal.

For comparison, the Mazda 3 offers 308L, Hyundai i30 offers 378L, 380L and Volkswagen Golf have. In defense Corolla, the cargo area can at least superficially explained by the receipt of a full-size spare tire rather than space saver or a repair kit.

Under the skin, Toyota also MY16 some suspension settings, improvements are made at the beginning of the roll damping and comfort straight.

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